Finding Mommy Bliss…a great book for moms

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Truth Bite: 

“We are the exact mothers our kids need, and our kids are exactly who we need in our lives to help us be better women.”

This seems like the perfect time to introduce you to one of my favorite authors and women, Genny Heikka. Genny’s book, Finding Mommy Bliss, hit the racks this week, and those who purchase it will undoubtedly be blessed. Check out what Genny has to say:

“As moms, we need to spend less time wishing we were more like others and just be ourselves, because we are the exact moms our kids need. And you know what? It’s exciting when you look at parenting that way: that you’re a mom gifted with specific strengths and you can use those strengths in unique and effective ways to raise your kids. All moms were not meant to be equal and that is okay.” (page 68)

Like Genny, I, too, believe that we are the exact mothers our kids need. To add to that, I think my kids are the exact people I needed in my life to get me where I am today. I was telling my son just last week that I am thankful for him—he has made me a better mother and a better person in general. Challenging as it is sometimes for him and us, I’m grateful for his struggles. And I know God’s got this—He loves my son more than I do.

I hope you’ll get a copy of Genny’s book, perhaps even grab a copy for one of your favorite moms or someone who needs a little hope. It might be just what she needs right now. You can find this book at and B& You can also visit her website, for more encouraging words.

Finding Mommy Bliss

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