Q. Tell me a little about your family?

I have a great family and I’m married to an amazing man, Mike Edwards. He is by far my best friend in the world. We grew up together, having met at 19. We have a great meeting story and beat the odds by dating long distance for 2 years in the days before Skype or texting, or even e-mail! That was 23 years ago and we still look and feel like the babies we were when we got married. We make our home in the foothills near Sacramento, California.

Andrew is my oldest. He’s a handsome, funny, smart, and a college student. Grace is my youngest. She’s my amazing, beautiful, smart, funny, college girl. Of course, there’s my Bear. He’s a little white Maltese-Shih Tzu, who is perfect for me. He’s adorable, funny, and sits by my desk while I study or write.

Q. What do you do?

For some reason, I thought it would be fun to get a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies and Theology! So, for the past five years, I’ve been on an adventure as a student at Western Seminary. I graduate this Spring. Fun? Hmmm. Not the right word. A mid-forties mama writing papers and reading big words is tricky! But I’m learning a lot. It’s interesting stuff, and I will try to share with you as much as I can when I find something I think you’d like to know.

I’m also an author, having written my first book, a Bible study called God’s Radical Plan for Wives. I am also a professional editor and enjoy helping other authors shape their books to get ready for publication. Recently I joined PTLB Publishing as an Acquisitions Editor. For more, visit my editing website: www.jedwardsediting.net

Q. If you could describe yourself, what would you say?

I’ve always had big goals and dreams for myself, which means I have to push myself to the edge of what I’m comfortable with most of the time. Luckily, I’m also hardworking, energetic, smart, ambitious, and ok, maybe a  little Type-A. I grew up in the generation where we were taught we could do anything, and I believed it! But instead of becoming the CEO I wanted to be, I chose to stay home with my kids to raise them. Very hard for me! But I’m so glad I did. Now, I’m reinventing myself and discovered that I like to write, speak, and edit. I am very compassionate for women and their situations, and I want to help them in whatever way I can. I feel blessed to be a woman, God’s “Ta-Da!” from the beginning!

Q. What do you like to do?

Play tennis with my husband, I’m a Kaia Girl, I run, I love to go to coffee or lunch with my friends. I love to have people over for dinner, I love to study my Bible (yes, I seriously love that), I garden, I walk my dog, and I travel with my husband. I do enjoy cooking, too.

Professionally, I love to help other writers by editing their manuscripts or blogs. I enjoy writing my own books and blog, Truth Bites, too. This profession was an unexpected surprise—I went to college for business, and never knew I had a greater love for words until about 2 years ago. It’s never too late to grow, right? I also really enjoy teaching and speaking to women. I have a passion for marriage stuff—how to be a good wife, avoid divorce, if possible, love on your husband, that kind of thing. I also write about motherhood. I just finished a collaborative writing project with Gil & Dana Stieglitz, God’s Radical Plan for Wives, and authored my first book,  God’s Radical Plan for Wives Companion Bible Study. Yes, they are for sale! And yes, I would be happy to come and speak or teach for you. For more on that, hit the Books and Studies page or Booking Request page.

Q. Are you a Christian?

The short answer is yes—but hopefully in the best possible meaning of the phrase. I wasn’t a very nice person growing up and I did some pretty crazy things in my life that I regret. Today, I’m a different person with a new purpose and new reason for living, thanks to Jesus Christ. I’m definitely a work in progress, but we all are, right? My new journey began 18 years ago and I thank God every day for a new start in life. If you wonder how you can have a new start, too, ask me and I’ll tell you!

The long answer is… well, that story can come at a later date, perhaps. Click on the Statement of Belief button below.

Q. What do you hope women will get out of this website, blog, and newsletter?

Honestly, I hope women will get a little insight, a new perspective, and some clarity on what God says about her role as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, and neighbor. Life is complicated and hard. So many people I know try and do everything all on their own, but God is right there, saying, “Hey! I’m right here. Give it to me and I’ll help you with that.” I love that about God, and I want others to know that side of Him, too!

A woman can expect truth wrapped with the transparency of my own life. If you subscribe to my blog, Truth Bites, I’ll send a truth to chew on for the week. You can sign-up for Radical Wife Newsletter, an e-newsletter that I send out monthly. This is more truth relevant to marriage and wives. I’ll also post resources about marriage, family, female issues for all ages, and relationships on my Facebook page if you hit “Like.” I welcome your questions and connecting with me—I’d love to know you. Just hit the Contact button or shoot me an e-mail at jennifer@jenniferedwards.net.