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Speaking Topics Overview

Respecting Your Husband Intimately

For a healthy marriage, respect and intimacy go hand-in-hand. In fact, it could be said that a good relationship with your husband is impossible without them. Wives MUST master these two things:

  • Acknowledging that respect is vital to your husband and building it in to the way you treat them.
  • Understanding and meeting the sexual need of your husband, determining to meet it even if you don’t want to!

Jennifer will take you through the biblical intricacies of respect and intimacy. Just by adjusting to these two needs in husbands, wives can promote healing and vitality in her marriage. She comes with practical tips and worksheets to get wives on the right track in these two areas. This topic is ideal for a workshop format, or speaking engagements of medium to longer lengths. (45 min – 1 ½ hours)

Seven Needs of Husbands

It’s a fact that men have very different needs than women. It’s no wonder that marriages struggle. Husbands don’t understand wives, and wives don’t understand husbands. Jennifer reveals the Seven Needs of Husbands in this practical, down-to-basics talk, bringing clarity and focus for an improved marriage. This is ideal for longer workshop formats or speaking engagements of medium to longer lengths. It can be customized to fit your timeframe. An optional bound workbook is available for additional fee. (45 minutes to 4 hours)

God’s R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Plan for Wives

Following the God’s Radical Plan for Wives Bible Study curriculum, Jennifer delves into how women can have the power to impact her husband, children, community, and the world when she steps fully into the amazing role of wife.

This is available for workshop formats, medium-longer speaking engagements (45 min. to 4 hours), or a full 10-week Bible Study at your church (2 hour class, within 25 miles of Roseville). Easily customized to fit your timeframe and need. An optional bound workbook is available for additional fee. The Bible Study requires purchase of God’s Radical Plan for Wives book and God’s Radical Plan for Wives Companion Bible Study.

Listening with Purpose and Intention

We all have a desperate need to be heard. But many times we talk and nobody is listening. Not really, anyway. Learn to listen with purpose and intention for better relationships. The principles taught by Jennifer are useful for enhancing all sorts of relationships—your spouse, children, friends, and those you work with or live by. Includes practical exercises and insights, and comes with the “Guide for Good Listening” leave behind. This talk is ideal for workshops and short to medium speaking engagements, or longer, which could include breakout practice sessions.

Balanced Living

I wonder. As a Christian woman raising kids, does this story resonate with you?

“My husband and kids are always waiting patiently for mommy to get home from some meeting, or off the phone (or computer) with some ministry friend or task. ‘What’s for dinner?’ they’d ask. And like a good Christian girl, I would savagely answer, ‘How should I know? I haven’t had time to think about that yet! I’m busy, don’t you see all that I do?’ From my point of view, I was doing everything right. I was taking care of the house, taking care of the kids, the pets, ministry duties, friendships, scrapbooking all our memories, never forgetting birthdays or holidays, and on and on. But life was spiraling out of control…” 

Women today are busier than ever. Whether you work outside the home or in the home, achieving “balance” can be elusive and costly. Jennifer teaches the importance of living a balanced life, complete with practical lessons and examples from her own, crazy life. This topic is ideal for speaking engagements of any length and for workshops. Comes with “Get Balance or Else!” leave behind.