Do You Get Easily Offended?

Today’s Truth: “Sensible people control their temper;  they earn respect by overlooking wrongs.” Proverbs 19:11 Sometimes in life, we get the rare opportunity to learn something new that can totally change everything—about how we respond, feel, understand things, and relate to others. For me, “Today’s Truth” has changed my life profoundly, almost as much as understanding […]

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Is ADD/ADHD Affecting Your Marriage?

Today’s Truth: Attention disorders can wreak havoc on a marriage. When a spouse has ADD/ADHD, the marriage is twice as likely to end in divorce than if both spouses are normal. I wrote on this topic today because several people I know, including some personal friends, are going through tough separations. Interestingly, mental health issues seem to be present in […]

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Get Real (Expectations)!

Welcome back to Truth Bites—a little insight, a new perspective and some clarity on many issues women face today. Today’s Truth: “If we’re too rigid in our expectations, it can lead to damaged relationships and pain.” Expectations are funny things. By definition, an expectation is a belief that something will happen in a particular way, usually the way we want it. We may or […]

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